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Your stockbroker or financial advisor is a regulated professional individual, usually associated with a brokerage firm or broker-dealer, who buys and sells shares and other securities for both retail and institutional clients. Most Stockbrokers do not provide advice on the suitability of investments. The majority are execution only stockbrokers who simply implement the purchase or sale or shares. Whenever you are unsure about the suitability of investments, seek independent advice. There are lots investment choices, education and tools for consumers who are able to make their own investment decisions. You should remember that investments can fall in value as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested in certain shares. Stockbrokers in the UK operate through a stock exchange or over the counter at the brokerage, in return for a fee or commission. Stockbrokers are known by numerous professional designations, depending on the license they hold, the type of securities they sell, or the services they provide. In the UK, brokers are required to pass the XII Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment Certificate in Securities, this qualification is achieved by passing two exams. In most English speaking venues, the two word term stock broker, like stock brokerage, normally applies to the brokerage firm, rather than to the individual.

Professional titles similar to that of stockbroker include investment advisor, and financial advisor. A “financial advisor” may or may not be a stockbroker, since some licensed individuals who are forbidden from selling stock go by a similar title. An “investment advisor”, brokerage registered investment advisor, or investment advisor representatives have preparation and capability comparable to that of a stockbroker, but special licensing and different regulatory supervision. Many professionals in the sector hold several licenses to better suit market and client needs, and might often manage commission derived accounts as stockbrokers or fee related accounts.

There are many stockbrokers and stockbrokerages in the United Kingdom. There are also online stockbrokers available for seasoned stock dealers.

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