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Lower Your Investment Taxes

Almost all things we do are taxed these days. We at Halifax Investments wonder whether breathing oxygen will soon be taxed… But seriously, from driving, to eating to saving, there is always something going towards the taxman. When it comes to money you are able to minimise what you have to pay the taxman, even […]


Child Investments | Halifax Investments

In this category we analyse Child investments. The main question is, what investment will provide your children with a lump sum in ten to twenty plus year’s time? it’s vital to look at where you are investing the money. You may wish to consider investments that provide a mix of income and capital growth, or […]


Mutual Funds | Halifax Investments

A mutual fund is an investment portfolio that is made up of a pool of fund from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments like foreign exchange and similar intangible assets. There are some mutual funds which also cater to tangible assets like property but they […]


Stock Brokers | Halifax Investments

  Your stockbroker or financial advisor is a regulated professional individual, usually associated with a brokerage firm or broker-dealer, who buys and sells shares and other securities for both retail and institutional clients. Most Stockbrokers do not provide advice on the suitability of investments. The majority are execution only stockbrokers who simply implement the purchase […]


Buying Shares | Child Investment

You can buy direct shares for your children as a form of investment savings. Although there is no minimum (apart from the value of a particular share) it is often more risky to invest into just one particular company. Nevertheless, direct shares have no ongoing fees and if you take the time to understand the […]


Child Investment | Managed Investments

If you want a pooled they range from very conservative to aggressive and some even include internal borrowings to provide greater exposure to investments. This can help to increase returns but it can also magnify losses. Providing diversification across different assets such as shares, property or cash. They are available at any time and there […]