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Child Investments | Halifax Investments

In this category we analyse Child investments. The main question is, what investment will provide your children with a lump sum in ten to twenty plus year’s time? it’s vital to look at where you are investing the money. You may wish to consider investments that provide a mix of income and capital growth, or […]


Child Investments Advice | Halifax Investments

It is important for you have to consider the tax implications of an investment for a children and parents are taxed in different ways. It can affect the returns on a child investment, by maintaining the investment under the wrong person’s name, the income from the investment can adversely affect family tax expenditure, push them […]


Government Bonds | Child Investment

Government bonds as a tax-paid investment, these government issued bonds are taxed at the corporate tax rate and income does not need to be reported on an investor’s tax return. If you are working and have a tax rate of 30% or higher, an investment bond would be quite an attractive option for a child […]


Buying Shares | Child Investment

You can buy direct shares for your children as a form of investment savings. Although there is no minimum (apart from the value of a particular share) it is often more risky to invest into just one particular company. Nevertheless, direct shares have no ongoing fees and if you take the time to understand the […]